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Consulting: from A to B-tter

Result commitment is THoCC’s engagement.  At the basis of the remuneration lays a solid business case for all the A to B-etter programmes. We offer 5 different types of co-operation, all in which THoCC has developed a thorough experience since the eighties (1984). 

Set-up                                 building a contact center from scratch

Optimization                  most frequent programme.  Realizing added value through skills, working     procedures, systems and the alignment of those three.

Consolidation                merging of organizations

Campaigns                       coordinating special and temporary contact center campaigns

Outsourcing                   outsourcing of contact center activities: home-, near- and offshoring.  Choosing the right option and securing realization/monitoring of co-, in- or outsourcing.  Existing or new cases, from overflow to BPO.

THoCC develops and documents a detailed script to evolve by mutual consent from a current to a future state (see above).  A step-by-step description of the path that leads to the final goal, destination.A roadmap includes both quick wins and structural actions. Depending on the impact,added value and effort, the correct priorities are determined.All actions are linked to roles, responsibilities and goals.  In this way everybody has a clear view on how the future state will be reached.  During implementation business as usual is kept secure.